Join us on Thursday, March 21 at 12:00 PM EDT (9:00 AM PDT)

We are transitioning from the industrial era to a new era, which we call the “bionic age.” In this age digital native companies like Amazon and Apple can drive better returns and growth by leveraging new combinations of people and machines- AI, big data, robotics, internet of things and many other factors of digital transformation. 

Whether it’s in healthcare, automotive, banking, consumer goods, or retail, your company would have to transform itself into a bionic organization to not only survive but also create and capture value that competitors can’t take away. You would not only have to learn and model the purchase and use behaviors of future consumers but also fuse them with mega trends to drive new “bionic innovations.”

During this webinar, IXL Senior Advisor and Bionic expert Dr. John Sviokla will talk about how you can lead your own company toward a bionic transformation by developing three forms of wealth accumulation: behavior capital, cognitive capital, and network capital, and how you can shape your digital transformation strategy towards the next generation of consumers. 

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